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*Note: We do not accommodate for special diets. Upon request, gluten-free bread will made available. In general, the main portion of the meal will be gluten-free, however, we are not a gluten-free kitchen.


Note: We no longer offer airport pick ups and drop offs.


We have removed the registration fee this year because we are continuing to see Camp Days as a partnership with you rather than a business transaction. That said, we would like to encourage you to partner with PRBI by throughout the year forwarding 3 emails (that we send you) to your Jr. High & Sr. High email contacts.

Please indicate your preference regarding this opportunity:


In an effort to give you as much exposure as possible, we would like to give you an opportunity to do something in chapel on Tuesday morning or at campfire Tuesday night. Please check all that interest you and we will contact you regarding what area you will be involved with for chapel:


Monday evening you will have the opportunity to lead the student body in some camp games. There is flexibility in what games could be planned.  If you are interested in being involved, please indicate so below.  (If your camp offers anything like sumo wrestling suits, inflatables, etc that are portable, would you consider bringing them for this time?)

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Monday night you will have some freedom to choose how you would like to connect with our students (i.e. go to a sports game in town, go to our student coffeehouse 9601 Cafe, take some students to town, promote your camp by hosting an event).

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Booth - Each camp will have a display table that is 6 feet in length.

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