Freshmen 3000

Our Donors strongly believe in investing in young people and want to support your desire to come to PRBI by giving $3000 towards your tuition!

Freshmen $3000 Paige

They are committed to investing in you and taking a leap of faith, and they believe that the Freshmen $3000 Donor Partnership will help empower you to attend PRBI!

Freshmen $3000 Cheque

Our PRBI Friends and Donors love you, and they see the value of what PRBI offers to equip our students with life-changing discipleship skills.

Freshmen $3000 Cody

Many of our Donors are impactful people in their community through their jobs, ministry involvement and hobbies.

Their lifestyle reflects their passion for Jesus. It is our Donors’ desire to see you impact your world for Jesus wherever He calls you for future vocation.

Freshmen $3000 Discipleship

Fulfill your passion to know Jesus better.



To receive this gift from Partnering Donors, opt-in to the Freshmen $3000 by checking “yes” on the application form.


  • This only applies to new applicants for September 2019.
  • The Freshmen $3000: Donor Partnership cannot be combined with any other offers.
  • You must opt-in to receive the Donor Partnership gift.
  • Only applies to full-time students who live on campus.  
  • The Freshmen 3000: Donor Partnership is divided between 2 semesters.
  • If you choose to leave before the school year ends, the Donor Partnership will not apply.
  • The Donor Partnership is not transferable.