Lakeview Seniors Home Chapel


Lakeview Senior's Home Sunday Chapel Service

Volunteer Job Description

lead or assist in a Sunday evening chapel service.  This is a seniors home so they enjoy hymns and gospel music. A key board and a spiral hymn book is provided. Please feel free to bring in your own music sheets and instruments. A devotional or Bible Study would be great too. Most of all, get to know the seniors! This is a new ministry so expect the unexpected. They may be open to hanging out after the service.

An all-PRBI team is welcome.  Or you may seek as an individual to join an existing team.

Dates & Times

Sunday evenings 6:30-7:00pm


Lakeview Senior Centre
9432 113 Ave, Clairmont

Frequency of Involvement

Usually monthly, but could be more.

Positions Available



Dan Ikenouye