Student Works

Contact Person: Mitchel Plett
Office Phone: (780) 897-1514
Full Address: Grande Prairie Alberta

Type of Employment

I am hiring students! I am looking for students who are motivated and who are in need of a full time job in the summer and a very casual part time job until the school year is completed. Hours very are flexible. The job is marketing in the spring and painting in the summer. If you are interested in either aspect of the job, feel free to contact me. Wages are competitive and it is a fun atmosphere! Pay is incentive based so there is potential to make more in the summer than many other jobs! You will be working with students your age. Training for marketing and painting is provided. It is a perfect summer job for students because the company specializes in employing students so they can pay for school. If you have any questions you can give me (Mitchel Plett) a call at (780) 897 1514 otherwise shoot me an email with your resume and cover letter attached to