Webster Worship Team


Worship Team

Volunteer Job Description

Church body: multi-generational
We are looking for people who love our Lord and want to help lead music in our Sunday morning worship service. You would be placed with an existing team. Whether you play piano, guitar, drums, any other instrument or sing, we would love to talk with you. We are also looking for someone who can lead a team. You would be expected to attend our church in the weeks you are not leading worship.

Dates & Times

Sunday mornings, as per regular schedule (includes arriving early for additional practice)
Group practice at least one time in the week prior to the Sunday you lead
Personal prep in order to be ready for group practice


Webster Community Church
10 minutes north of Sexsmith on the corner of Webster Road & RR55

Frequency of Involvement

Every 2-3 weeks, depending on number of responses
May be opportunity for more regular involvement.
For weeks in which you lead: 6 hours (2 for Sunday practice/leading, 2 for group practice, and 2 for personal prep)

Positions Available

Dependent upon who responds. We have the potential of creating a whole new team if there is enough response.

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