General - Impact Alternate LogoWe are passionate about sports and we want to see our athletes grow in their walk withChrist while competing at the highest level possible.  At PRBI, athletics is more than just lacing up your shoes or skates and playing the game you love.  The name of our teams embodies what we strive to do in all facets of life—athletics included.  We practice.  We train.  We hustle.  We give everything we have to glorify God for He gave us the ability to play.  In line with PRBI’s vision want to make an impact for our Lord Jesus Christ on the court, ice, and pitch.

Our Impact Athletics program is committed to:

  • Developing your sports and leadership skills
  • Placing a strong focus on relationship and discipleship
  • Promoting the physical and intellectual nature of competitive sports

When committing to be an Impact athlete you are required to be at all games and practices.
You are also required to work on your physical fitness by following the athlete training program provided or a program of your own which has been approved by the Athletic Director.  In order to be on a team without interruption you must remain in good academic standing throughout the year.

Team schedules will vary from year to year depending on your sport and the league(s) PRBI participates in.  Contact Steve McComish, Athletic Director if you have any questions.

Follow the links below to view schedules for our teams:

General - Steve McComish Athletic 2016-2017
Steve McComish
Athletics Director
Phone:  (780) 568-3962 ext. 226
Cell:  (587) 343-4606