eView: Sr. High College Takeover is Coming!

    We have an amazing lineup of events!  Everything
    from giant games, uplifting music, PRBI classes, chilling
    with students, worship by Highest Call, youth rallies,
    dramas by Earthen Vessels, and more, are all part of the
    2018 edition of eView.  And don’t forget the
    specialty coffees!

eView 2018 Logo Photo

What's eView?

eView is geared for those who are curious about what Bible College life is like at PRBI, those wanting to experience a little bit more of Jesus, and those desiring to be built up in their faith.  Come and create some amazing memories at PRBI, and then complete your college experience by rooming with current PRBI students!
eView 2018 Dorm Social

Food, Fun, & Giant Games

    Experience Friday Night Live, dorm socials filled with late night
    food and laughter, giant games that will be sure to bring out the
    young adult in all of us, an inflatable obstacle course, free skate,
    nine square, laser tag, and so much more.  We can’t wait to
    challenge you to a race on the obstacle course!

eView 2018 Inflatable Photo

Highest Call

Worship with Highest Call, PRBI’s Worship Band! Leading us in contemporary worship, they are up and coming musicians who
have been called by Christ to empower us to more intensely
connect with Him!

eView 2018 Highest Call

Earthen Vessels

    Drama by Earthen Vessels, PRBI’s Drama Team!  Performing for
    audiences across Western Canada, Earthen Vessels entertains,
    brings visual insight, and showcases practical applications of ways
    we can come to know Jesus more intimately.  Come and
    experience Northern Alberta’s leading Drama Team!

eView 2018 Earthen Vessels

Waldie Neufeld

Traveling throughout North America to gain wisdom, understanding and education, Waldie Neufeld is our guest speaker!  With a wide range of experiences including working in iron building, leading ex-convicts on the jobsite, gaining a doctorate, and being a pool boy…  Waldie is a humble man of God who is consistently bringing deep change to the hearts and minds of people across Western Canada, including of course right here at home at PRBI.  

eView 2018 Waldie Photo

Engage With Professors

Coming from all parts of Western Canada and beyond, our professors have the most diverse backgrounds you could ever imagine, from pastoring a Chinese church to serving in missions in Pakistan, from growing rural churches to youth pastoring in major urban cities.  Come to class and learn how you can continue to expand your abilities to build God’s Kingdom here on earth!

eView 2018 Classroom Kim

Before you decide, come and experience PRBI for yourself.


March 8-10th, 2018.
Grades 10-12 and beyond. 
This event is completely free.
Food and lodging is completely free!

Event check-in starts Thursday, March 8 at 4:00pm.
Event wrap-up is Saturday, March 10 at 12:00pm.

If you would like to download eView handouts to print or download our
40-second eView promo video, you can do that here.


Register online by clicking here!

***Details on what to bring for PRBI's Campus Takeover will be emailed to you.***