Impact Week Registration 2018

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*Note: We do not accommodate for special diets. Upon request, gluten-free bread will made available. In general, the main portion of the meal will be gluten-free, however, we are not a gluten-free kitchen.


Note: We no longer offer airport pick ups and drop offs.


We invite you to submit a seminar proposal that you would be willing to teach on Friday morning.  Please propose a college level topic that will be relevant, interesting, and educational for our students (note: seminars will be 60 minutes in length).  We will let you know early October if your proposed seminar has been selected.  (Reminder: These seminars are intended to be teaching/informative times, not a promotional time.)

The goal of these seminars is to provide our students with another opportunity to learn about where God may be shaping them for His Kingdom impact.

Note: Seminars will be selected - not first come first serve. They must be submitted by September 30.

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Our Life Coaching Exercise/Worksheet will pair you as Reps with 1 or 2 students (if you so choose to opt in) for the purpose of helping them debrief all of what God has been teaching them this week. You will not have to come up with the material for this time, we will provide a series of questions to work through with them. This will give you the chance to get to know a couple of our students better. We will seek to pair you up strategically with students who may be interested in your ministry.
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Booth - Each ministry will have half of a 6-foot-long display table.

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Costs are $25/person.
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