Houston Gospel Home of Hope

Type of Employment

To be a servant leader in a farm home setting, with people who come out of jail but need extra time in order to really fit back into society, for so easily they fall back into the wrong, crowds and wrongful/ harmful lifestyles. We are flexible as to how all this looks like, for the people that come out of jail are all different and have different needs etc, not one rule fits all. To help with job placements, bible studies, mentoring and setting an example. This is a faith based paid position. We are looking for a candidate who can start as soon as possible.

Job Requirements (necessary skills, abilities, etc.)

A love for the Lord, commitment, dedicated, devoted, not giving up too easily when things don't work out as expected. Organizational skills, delegating initiatives. Cooking skills.


Gerrit Keegstra


(250) 845-7707

Box 1193
V0J 1Z0


Posted: November 2017