Athletics FAQ's

What Sports do PRBI Offer?

Basketball, Soccer, and Men's Hockey

NOTE: Sports that PRBI offers may vary year to year based on student interest.

What Leagues do PRBI Play in?

Men's Leagues:

Women's Leagues:

  • Grande Prairie Women's Soccer (
  • Grande Prairie Ladies Commercial Basketball League

What are the Requirements for Playing on a PRBI Team?

Players who:

  • reflect Christ
  • show intensity
  • play their best for Christ
  • are positive and encouraging to fellow team-mates, other teams, and officials
  • must be in good academic standing

What Type of Coaches are Provided?

PRBI Staff, Faculty, Alumni, Students, or godly people from the community are potential coaches for PRBI Sports teams.

Coaches are  picked based on skill, godliness, and willingness to disciple respective members of their team.  Coaches are encouraged to focus on both building into their team and winning games.

Are there Intramurals?

Yes, there are Intramurals periodically throughout the school year led by the Activities Coordinator from MAC (Ministries and Activities Committee).

In past years, we have played football, volleyball, handball, and dodgeball, however sports may change from year to year.

Are there any Bursaries?

PRBI has different bursaries handed out each semester.

Sports Bursaries include:

  • Christian Sportsmanship
  • PRBI Hockey Bursary

Once the school year has begun there is a chapel presentation which will give more information about the application.

How many Games and Practices should I Expect?

There are 1-2 games per week.

Generally, there is 1 practice per week, but the number of practices varies team to team.

Is there a Fitness Centre?

Yes, PRBI has a brand new fully equipped Fitness Centre on campus. For more information please visit our Fitness tab in the menu.


For more information about athletics at PRBI, contact Steve at or by calling him at (780) 568-3962.