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Ep. #16: Interview with Sam McColman our Sports Promoter!

Working on enhancing PRBI sports department, and traveling to engage with Canadian youth culture wherever he goes, Sam is PRBI’s sports director and Admission Connections guy. He has worked with inner city youth, camps, and is leading the charge in PRBI recruitment, we are excited to share this interesting interview we had with Sam McColman!

Ep. #15: Who am I following?: A Chapel Message by Jeremy Johnston

Jeremy Johnston is PRBI’s Director of Development! Loving all things BBQ, boating, and sports, he is leading the charge in creating new things at PRBI! Kicking off his message with a scene from a popular T.V. show, Jeremy jumps into asking the question "who are you following?" This is a question that is important for us all to consider on a daily basis - am I following Christ or am I following me?

Ep. #14: Special Chapel! Faculty Q/A

Many topics are covered in this relaxed, question and answer style chapel. In this episode, join the students as they inquire about the lives of the PRBI professors, God and theology, and much more!

Ep. #12: Ruth Enns Interview

PRBI Alumni, current executive team board member, missionary, daughter of PRBI's founder Walter McNaughton, and passionate follower of Jesus Christ, Ruth Enns loves people! This interview with Ruth dives into the struggles of following, the joys of connecting with Jesus, and how relationships are restored by Jesus Christ! Enjoy this interview!

Ep. #11: Jon Luesink Chapel Message

Passionate Church planter, father, missionary, and networker for Avant Ministries, Jon Luesink always brings a chapel message that is filled with relevant application that directly apply to the Gospel, we are excited to share this inspiring chapel message from Jon!

Ep. #10: Caleb & Bobbi Barkman Interview.

Serving at Grande Prairie Alliance Church for over a decade in youth ministry, Caleb is currently the youth director and worship arts director. Caleb and Bobbi are both incredible people who continue to seek God in all they do! Enjoy our conversation with this incredible couple!

Ep. #9: Garth Vion shares his story at eView 2019!

Garth Vion is an incredible local youth pastor, and is also a PRBI Alumni! After attending PRBI, Garth spent several years working construction, headlining his bass skills in various bands and area worship teams. Leaving construction, Garth was called into youth ministry at Westpointe Community Church in Grande Prairie. He has become a staple in the community with his passion for Jesus, and his excitement for all things youth ministry!
Enjoy this message by Garth Vion!

Ep. #8: Interview with Shane Dell on leadership, life and the Church today!

Shane Dell has been on staff at PRBI for 8 years, and attended PRBI beforehand. This interview has some great insights on leadership, life and the Church, all while having a ton of laughs a long the way! Enjoy this conversation with Shane Dell.

Ep. #7: eView Rally Speaker Kim Cairns!

Speaking at our annual Sr. High+ Campus Takeover event, eView, Kim Cairns brings home the point of needing to know Jesus, and how that happens in our lives. Kim is PRBI's Academic Dean, Old Testament scholar, and incredible man of God. We hope you enjoy this impactful message!

Episode #6: Interview with BLBC Camp Director Danny Johnston

Starting as a cabin leader, Danny Johnston is now Bear Lake Bible Camp's director! Starting as the director in 2017, Danny has continued to see several successful summers of full camps full of kids. Looking to expand BLBC, they are now looking at plans to further expand the camp limits! Enjoy this hilarious, motivating, and inspiring conversation with Danny Johnston!

Episode #5: Death & Life, A Chapel Faculty Message by Scott Butler

Death is not a comfortable subject to talk about. Scott Butler, a PRBI faculty, weaves the dynamics of our societal understanding of a life well lived, and living a great Christian life here on Earth with hope! We hope you enjoy this presentation of Isaiah 1 and the life that God brings.

Episode #4: Darrel Parlee Interview

Often finding himself in unique situations, Darrel's evangelist gifts are constantly working for the Kingdom. Using his business as an platform to have conversations that involve Jesus Christ, Darrel's abilities to strike up a conversation with anyone who comes to his shop are quickly evident. Darrel walks through some incredible blessings, and some incredibly spiritually raw life changing moments that have challenged his faith in God. Enjoy this interview with Darrel Parlee!

Podcast #3: Past PRBI President Dr. Waldie Neufeld’s Chapel Message

Today’s chapel message is brought to you by Dr. Waldie Neufeld. Waldie served at PRBI from 1990-2019, and was the president at the college for eleven years! Speaking in the first President's chapel of the year, Waldie speaks to the heart about following Christ, and how we can gain greater relationship with Him. Please enjoy this very encouraging, and convicting message!

Podcast #2: Dave McPhee Chapel Message

Today’s Podcast is a PRBI chapel message by Dave Mcphee. Dave was a former professor at PRBI who taught over 10 years here at PRBI, a recent missionary to Uganda, and currently working with Refesh Ministries which encourages pastors going through burnout and various other spiritual roadblocks. Enjoy this inspiring talk by Dave McPhee!

Podcast #1: Interview with Past PRBI President Dr. Waldie Neufeld

Today’s podcast is an interview of Past PRBI President Dr. Waldie Neufeld. Waldie served at PRBI from 1990-2019, and was the president at the college for eleven years. In this interview, Waldie speaks about his journey from farming, to seminary, to a little-known town called Sexsmith and its Bible School: PRBI! Waldie shares his thoughts on disciple-making, continual learning, and servant leadership, as we continue to grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ together!