Foundations of Christian Studies

One-year Certificate - 30 Credit Hours

The Foundations certificate is awarded to those students who successfully complete the program of 30 hours.

Program Description:

The Foundations of Christian Studies certificate (30 credits) is designed to give you a foundation of Biblical understanding and ministry skills.  It gives you an introduction to academics, discipleship, and helps ignite a passion for seeing God's kingdom advance here on earth.

In order to complete this program, you must fulfill the following Program Requirements:

  • have completed 2 semesters of Practical Work Experience or equivalent;
  • have met all financial obligations to the Institute;
  • be of approved Christian character;
  • have completed one field education credit;
  • have completed at least 24 hours of study at PRBI;
  • have completed 30 credit hours in this program
  • and are achieving a 68% in all required courses 7 days before the final day of classes.

Program Outline

Bible and Theology (14 credit hours):

Applied Studies (8 credit hours):

General Studies (3 credit hours):

Undesignated Electives (5 credit hours)


* All programs are subject to change without notice.


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