PRBI Field Education Opportunity Request

This request form for is for GP-area churches and organizations that wish to participate in our Field Education program by inviting our students to serve with them during the school year. Students interested in serving with you will contact you directly to set up their Field Ed and work out the details. Please note that, because students choose their own service area, we can not guarantee that a request will be filled.

Please use this Field Education Request Form for any of the following three purposes:

1. To create a brand new Field Ed request.
2. To update your information on an existing request.
3. To renew a request unchanged for another year.

Please limit your request to one ministry-type per form. For example, if you are requesting Sunday School teachers, youth group volunteers, and worship team members please make this three distinct requests (i.e. submit three forms) - one for each ministry type. Do not combine them into one request. Opportunities are posted separately, we need detailed information for each request. Combined requests are more difficult for us to process, and increase the likelihood that we may post your information incorrectly. Help us to help you. Thank you for your cooperation in this.


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                                                         If you selected ....

                                                                  1. Submit a new opportunity: Please complete the entire form.

                                                                  2. Update an existing opportunity: Please complete all of
                                                                      Section A, and only those boxes in Section B that require
                                                                      (If you are only changing contact information, still choose
                                                                       this option, but only complete Section A).

                                                                  3. Renew an opportunity (no changes) - Complete Section A

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