Water Balloon Mania 2.0

Canada's Largest Annual Water Balloon Fight!

We are expanding Water Balloon Mania 2.0, the Peace Country youth group kick-off experience, with a party!  After 23 years of Water Balloon Mania, we decided that this event deserved to be kicked up a notch. We are including several aspects that will kick-off your youth ministry in an exciting and moving experience!  This year we are expanding WBM with a foam Slip-N-Slide, bringing in the best Grande Prairie Food Trucks, hosting a concession, DJ’s on the mic, and headlining the event in an outdoor concert by The Young Escape, a band from Los Angeles!

Foam Slip-N-Slide

What makes Canada’s largest annual Water Balloon Fight better?  Foam Slip-n-Slides! With more foam than Northern Alberta has ever seen, this is sure to be an exciting event for experienced to beginner foam sliders!

Water Fight

We are expanding the Water Balloon Fight to include YOUR water fight battling equipment!  We are still supplying over 12,000 balloons, but we want you to bring your water cannons, water guns, stream machines, even your own water balloons, and anything else that is water fight appropriate!

Food Trucks & Concession

We are bringing in the pros by hosting the best Grande Prairie Food Trucks!  There isn’t anything better on a late summer evening then eating freshly prepared food from the finest food trucks the Peace Region has to offer.  We know that a succulent brisket, elk burgers, and mini donuts are some of the best food for the soul (and stomach)!

DJ'ed Music

We like our DJ's the way we like Northern Alberta summers... exciting, surrounded by friends, and with rocking good music!  Get ready for some sweet drops at WBM 2.0, as our DJ creates an incredible live sound experience.

Outdoor Concert

We are excited to have The Young Escape join us for Water Balloon Mania 2.0 this year!  TYE is an electronic pop band from Southern California, composed of siblings Ryan, McKenna, Kyrsten, and Luke Johns.  The band signed to Capitol Christian Music Group in 2017 and released a debut single "Good Life" in October 2017.  The band supported David Crowder on the American Prodigal Tour beginning in the Fall of 2017.

Location: PRBI 9601 100 st, Sexsmith, AB.
Date: September 7th, 2018.
Time: 6:30-9:00pm
Doors open: 5:45pm
Who: Grade 6+

With our expanding Water Balloon Mania offerings, we are charging a small registration fee for the event with tickets only $12.00 each!

We look forward to seeing you here!