Bachelor of Religious Education (BRE)

Four-year Degree - 134 Credit Hours

The Bachelor of Religious Education Degree is awarded to those students who successfully complete the four-year program of 134 credit hours.

Program Description:

This four-year degree is designed to prepare you for vocational ministry.  This program provides opportunity for more advanced and hands-on discipleship, leadership, and ministry training.  All BRE students major in Bible and your choice of one of the following:

In order to graduate, you must fulfill the following Program Requirements:

  • have completed 8 semesters of Practical Work Experience or equivalent;
  • have met all financial obligations to the Institute (outstanding balance of $500.00 or more will not allow a student to participate in graduation exercises);
  • be of approved Christian character;
  • have completed 6 field education credits with 2 of them being designated as church field education credits;
  • have completed at least the final 32 hours of study at PRBI;
  • have completed 134 credit hours with a cumulative average of 70% (1.50 GPA).

Bible and Theology (54 credit hours):

Applied Studies (57 credit hours):

General Studies (18 credit hours):

Undesignated Electives  (5 credit hours):


* All Degree programs are subject to change without notice.


REACH (1 Year) Certificate     Foundations (1 Year) Certificate     ACS (2 Year) Diploma     BBS (3 Year) Degree