BRE: Pastoral Ministries Major

Program Chair: Jason Gayoway

Program Description

The Pastoral Ministries Major allows you to major in Bible and pastoral ministry, and is designed to provide you with a strong Bible and theology base. It is designed to prepare you for direct entry into ministry and is also a great preparation for seminary training. PRBI faculty have a wealth of church leadership experience to help you understand not only the theory of church ministry but the "inside scoop" of how churches work. In addition, you will gain practical ministry experience through a supervised internship in a local church.


Program Objectives

You should:

  1. be able to formulate and articulate your own biblical statement of faith and philosophy of ministry;
  2. develop the skill of biblical, theological integration so that you can consistently articulate the purposes behind practical ministry;
  3. understand the call to, and the nature and responsibilities of pastoral ministry;
  4. be able to utilize basic principles, skills and tools in the study of the Bible, including the use of one or more biblical languages, and effectively communicate and apply Scriptural truth to your own life and to the needs of individuals and congregations;
  5. develop competence in pastoral leadership and administration in order to equip the church toward maturity in Christ;
  6. develop a strong relational ministry and a practical knowledge of the dynamics of team ministry and multiplying new leaders;
  7. be able to officiate at the special services of the church such as communion, baptism, weddings, and funerals;
  8. be competent to lead a congregation in worship through exposition of the Word and corporate expression of worship.



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