BRE: Ministry Studies Major

General Program Description

The Ministry Studies Major is designed to prepare you for a variety of church, para-church, and community ministries.  This is a highly flexible program that allows you the freedom to choose courses within specific areas of ministry interest (including specialization tracks in youth, theology, or worship) while still providing a solid foundation of widely transferable skills and principles for both ministry and further education. 


Program Specific Courses (14 credit hours)


General Program Objectives

Upon completion of the program, you should:

  1. learn basic principles and skills of ministry and leadership that are transferable across a broad spectrum of ministries;
  2. appreciate the variety of ministry opportunities within the Body of Christ, including the role of both lay and professional ministry
  3. grow in vision, passion and skill within specific areas of ministry interest;
  4. develop your ability to assess ministry needs and implement effective ministry strategies in your specific ministry calling and context.

The Ministry Studies major has two available specializations: Youth Ministry and Theology.

See below for more information on these specializations.

Youth Ministry Specialization

Specialization Description

The Youth Ministry Specialization allows you to focus your Ministry Studies major more specifically on youth ministry. We recommend this specialization for students who are interested in working with youth primarily in non church settings like camps, community programs, or youth ministry organizations. You will receive solid biblical teaching, discipleship skills, and flexible ministry training suitable for a variety of ministry contexts.  

MS Specialization

Program Objectives

Upon completion of the specialized program, you should:

  1. be equipped with biblical knowledge and practical skills suitable for mentoring youth in a variety of ministries and settings both in and out of church.
  2. gain a practical understanding of current youth issues, along with biblically informed principles and strategies for facing these challenges.
  3. gain a working knowledge of the principles of effective ministry to youth.
  4. gain an appreciation for the variety of ways in which Christians can have a positive impact on this generation of youth.

Theology Specialization

Specialization Description

The Theology Specialization is ideal for students who want to maximize their opportunity to study God's Word and develop their theological knowledge and skills. This is a great option for students who are looking specifically for academic theological training either for personal or vocational purposes. Also, if you are considering pursuing further theological study after PRBI, the specialization with get you off to a strong start.

Note: This specialization includes writing a bachelor's level thesis project.


Program Specific Courses


Program Objectives

Upon completion of the specialized program, you should:

  1. be well versed in biblical and theological study.
  2. have built a strong biblical and theological base and skill-set.
  3. have learned to engage in academic theological research, reflection, and communication.
  4. be prepared for further theological or ministry study (ex. Seminary)