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About Field Education

One of the ways we help our students grow is through our Field Education program. Every student at PRBI is required to take a specified number of Field Education credits, which are fulfilled by active volunteer participation in local churches, ministries, and community organizations. These opportunities provide valuable training in volunteer service and ministry, skills and gift development, social and leadership skills, community service, and practical application of classroom learning. 

In addition, this is a chance for us as a school to partner with you in reaching out to our local community in a meaningful way. We value your presence in our community, and we want to be a positive influence in our area and a blessing to you in your work.

At the beginning of every semester (particularly in September), we present the students with various Field Ed opportunities. Each student is responsible to select an area of volunteer service and then contact that organization or ministry with the goal of serving with them for that semester.
Some students are involved for a single semester (roughly 12 weeks), others will be involved for the entire school year (Sept-April).

For more information on partnering with us to create Field Education opportunities, click here to download an informative Word document.


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