Our Values


We value Christ above all things

We exist because of Him, are transformed into His image by His power and depend on His provision for life and service.  

Building on Christ as our foundation, we value:

Our Values
  • Biblical Training

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, our task is to train students in the life changing principles of God’s Word so that they will be equipped to pass on those principles to others wherever Christ leads them.

  • Authentic Relationships

A safe community where people are accepted, loved, and ministered to as a whole person is our context for equipping. In community we support and encourage one another in our shared goal of living for Christ.

Our Values
  • Kingdom Service

Identifying, developing, and using the resources Christ has given us to offer effective kingdom service is our contribution to a broken and hurting world.

Our Values
  • Strategic Partnerships

It is through strategic partnerships with Christ’s church locally and globally that our opportunity to impact the world is expanded and multiplied.

Our Values

Student Outcomes:

As students encounter Christ in the context of PRBI’s learning community they will be invited to:

  • nurture a healthy and ongoing relationship with Christ
  • pursue wholeness and holiness
  • develop a Biblically informed worldview
  • acquire practical, relational and ministry skills
  • enhance their ability to love the church and neighbor
  • discover a sense of their place in the church and world
Our Values