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Campus Visits

You are Invited to come for a Campus Visit!

Nothing gives you a better idea of what a college is really like than being there and experiencing it for yourself!

Campus Visit Bursary

We would like to officially invite you to visit the PRBI campus this year and get to know it first-hand.  Each campus visitor will receive a $500 bursary toward their tuition.  (Students are eligible for the Campus Visit Bursary only for campus visits during the school year.  Contact the Admissions department for more information.)

What Is A Campus Visit All About?

  • To come for a campus visit you must either be in grade 10-12 or have already graduated.
  • A Campus Visit is totally free and you can stay for up to 2 nights and 3 days.
  • Contact us to let us know when you will be arriving, the length of your stay, and if you have a particular friend you would like to stay with.  A minimum of 3 days advance notice must be given for us to make necessary preparations for your arrival.
  • Once enrolled as a student, you will also be eligible for other PRBI bursaries and scholarships.



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For more information please contact Admissions at or 1-(800)-959-7724.