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Learning For Life

Wednesday Nights 7:00- 8:30

September 18- October 23

Ages 18-99

The End Times:  This course examines the key end-time events, such as Christ's second coming, the divine judgments to come, and the characteristics of the Antichrist. Time will be given to discuss the different methods of interpretation of Revelation such as whether the majority of its passages take place in the future and how literally to understand its images. We will also look at practical questions like what happens to us when we die and whether hell is an eternal or temporary state.   

The lessons:

  • Methods of Interpretation
  • Bowls, Seals and Trumpets – The judgments of God
  • The Antichrist and his work
  • The Day of the Lord
  • What Happens to Me When I die?
  • Heaven and Hell

 Worldviews: This course seeks to identify what underlying worldview commitments are driving the seemingly intractable North American culture war waged on social media and picket lines. We will identify the basic questions that every worldview seeks to answer and how the answers surface in the lives of humanists, scientific naturalists, existentialists, post-moderns, emerging Gen-Xers and more. Along the way we will take a close look at how Christians we can speak the loving truth of Christ to a hurting world.


The lessons:

  • Worldviews and the questions they answer
  • Paganism, dualism, stoicism and how they echo into today's world
  • Theism and naturalism: middle grounds and ongoing tension
  • The scientific revolution and the prevalence of secular humanism
  • Existentialists and nihilists in the shadow of the atomic bomb
  •  Post-modern tribes, activism, and social media battlegrounds

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