Financial Assistance

Some financial help may be available for you in the following ways:

  • Off Campus Employment

If you have a financial need and would like to secure part-time employment, you must apply for this privilege through your Student Life Dean.  Requests will be considered on an individual basis. If you are an International Student, you must also obtain a Work Visa if you plan to work while being a student. Visit the Government of Canada website for more information on eligibility for obtaining a Work Visa.

  • Student Aid Fund

Friends of PRBI send funds to assist both married and single students.  The money is administered by the Leadership Team, which seeks to recognize and help those students who are in need, with application made through the Business Office.  Money from this fund is an outright gift and need not be repaid.

  • Scholarships and Bursaries

Each year awards are presented to students (including International Students) who meet the requirements which have been specified by the donors. In most instances, you must be returning as a student to receive your bursary or scholarship.  Application is made through the Business Office in the fall.  For a list of available , see: Bursaries, Awards, and Scholarships.

Note: Student Aid and/or Scholarships & Bursaries should not be counted on as the sole funds for paying for one's tuition, room, and board.

  • Government Loans

Canadian Students may be eligible to receive financial assistance under the Canada Student Loans Program.  Should you desire to receive assistance under this program, you must make personal application to the provincial authority of the province in which you reside.  Also check with them for any other awards that may be granted for post secondary education. Please see a list of the Provincial Authorities in charge of government loans.

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