What to Expect


Health Care

If you are an International Student studying in Alberta, Canada, for 12 months or more, you may be eligible to access Alberta Health Care! Find out how to apply here. Note: You must have at least a 12-month study permit to apply for Alberta Health Care. If you will be studying in Canada for fewer than 12 months, international students must purchase adequate coverage before coming.


Boy's Dorm


Dorms: Dorm life at PRBI is where lasting friendships are formed. Our gender-specific dorms are set up so you have a roommate and a shared bathroom with those on your floor. Your room comes fully equipped with a single bed, one dresser in the ladies' dorm and built in shelves in the men's dorm, a closet, a desk and a bookshelf.

Apartments: If you are a married student or are over 25 years of age, you may be eligible to live in the apartment building on campus. PRBI rents out one- and two-bedroom apartments.

Off-Campus Housing: If you are a mature student coming with your family and need more room than an apartment can offer, Sexsmith has many rental options that you can explore.


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Chantelle, Nicole - dorm

What To Bring

View what to bring for your dorm room here.

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 Student Supports

Academic Supports: You will have access to our on-campus library, peer-mentoring, and friendly faculty & staff who are happy to assist you. In some cases, students are put on Academic Assistance and have weekly meetings with the Registrar to ensure Academic success.

Community Resources & Amenities: Committed to creating a sense of community and promoting physical health, Sexsmith boasts a variety of amenities complete with a paved walking/biking path, outdoor rink, indoor rink, BMX and skateboard park, water park, health and dental clinic, pharmacy, daycare, public library, tennis court, baseball fields, and curling rink.

Personal Well-Being: You will find that PRBI is a thriving community filled with authentic relationships. All students have access to PRBI’s beautiful gym & fitness center for their physical well-being.  Our staff work with an open-door policy and care about mentoring our students. Your Student Life Dean will help you adjust and adapt to life in Canada, and will help you in finding professional counseling supports in the community if needed. Students are also encouraged to find help through Alberta Health Services.