Academic Programs


  • Please refer to the General Objectives for academic competencies.
  • Our Four-year Degree is accepted at most seminaries across Canada and the USA.  The Three-Year BBS degree is also accepted at a number of seminaries.
  • PRBI is authorized to grant degrees by the province of Alberta.  All degrees major in Bible.

Peace River Bible Institute offers five primary programs:

Academic Program

Foundations of Christian Studies
(30 credit hours)

one-year certificate

There is a long tradition among Canadian Christians of taking a year of Bible School before heading off to employment or university training.  It is a time of personal and spiritual development and lasting friendships.  While Foundations is designed to be a self-contained and meaningful unit, it also forms the basis of our other programs so you may continue into any of the other programs without loss of credit, provided you meet the entrance requirements of that program.


(32 credit hours)

one-year certificate

Want to REACH out and live your faith in different cultures? Expand your understanding of the impact Jesus is having around the world? REACH out to those around you, all while deepening your faith? The REACH Certificate is designed to lead you into a deeper faith through study as well as practical hands-on experience. Following successful completion of REACH you can seamlessly continue into any of the other two, three or four year programs.


Associate of Christian Studies
(60 credit hours)

Two-Year Diploma

The ACS diploma is two big steps into your discipleship journey.  It contains a solid core of Bible and theology classes, courses that help you understand people and a number of practical ministry opportunities in the field of your choice.  This track gives you a couple of years of solid Christian instruction and personal discipleship before moving on to something else.  Often students start off in this program and then go on to a three or four year degree here or to university.  Besides the benefits to your faith, this program gives you excellent training in valuable academic and workplace competencies like written and verbal communication, time management, and people/relational skills.

Academic Program

Journey Track

(48 credit hours)


Journey is an alternative two year track designed for students whose learning style may differ from the traditional academic approach of our regular programs but who still wish to learn at PRBI.  The Journey track replaces some of the academic requirements with alternative practical and personal formation experiences.


Journey Track

Bachelor of Biblical Studies
(90 credit hours)

Three-Year Degree

If you can invest three years in your studies, the Bachelor of Biblical Studies will deepen your understanding of the Bible and begin to equip you with practical skills for service which can be used in a variety of ministry contexts.  Spending three years on campus will greatly increase opportunities for growth in discipleship as well as give you hands on leadership opportunities in your pursuit of becoming a disciple-maker.  The BBS has proven to be a solid foundation from which students can pursue other educational opportunities such as college, university or seminary.

Academic Program

Bachelor of Religious Education
(122 credit hours of study)

Four-Year Degree

The BRE is designed to prepare you for vocational ministry. This program provides opportunity for more advanced and hands-on discipleship, leadership, and ministry training.

All BRE students major in Bible and your choice of one of the following:

Academic Program

Intercultural Ministries

The Intercultural Ministries Major allows you to major in Bible and intercultural ministries.  This major is designed to prepare you to live and work in a cross-cultural setting.  Intercultural ministry requires a new generation of Christian communicators who are committed to the task of evangelism and service, and who have specialized skills in such areas as building relationships, cultural understanding, and the priority of national church leadership.

Academic Program

Ministry Studies

The Ministry Studies Major allows you to major in Bible and ministry studies.  This major is designed to prepare you for a variety of church, para-church, and community ministries.  It is a highly flexible program which allows you the freedom to choose courses within your specific areas of ministry interest while still providing a solid foundation of widely transferable skills and principles for both ministry and further education.

This program has two available specializations: Youth Ministry or Theology.

Academic Program

Pastoral Ministries

The Pastoral Ministries Major allows you to major in Bible and pastoral ministry.  It is designed to prepare you for direct entry into ministry and is also a great preparation for seminary training.  PRBI faculty have a wealth of church leadership experience to help you understand not only the theory of church ministry but the 'inside scoop' of how churches work.  In addition, you will gain practical ministry experience through a supervised internship in a local church.

This program also has a Youth Pastor specialization for those interested.

Academic Program

Faith Based Addictions Treatment

In cooperation with Rising Above Ministries, we are currently developing a new track designed to equip you to help others break free of cycles of defeat.   This program will be available both as a 2 year diploma (for qualified students) and as a major for BRE students

Faith Based Addictions Treatment