We are in the process of becoming a Designated Learning Institution, which will enable us to accept International Students, pending approval. Please contact the Admissions Department at admissions@prbi.edu or (780) 568-3962 if you have any questions.

Due to COVID-19 Protocol mandated by the Alberta Health Service, all content listed below is subject to change without notice.

PRBI welcomes International Students!

We love seeing students from everywhere come and experience Christ in ways that transform their lives! If you are an international student who wants to come study at PRBI, follow the steps below:

1. Learn about International Admission Requirements
2. Apply Online
3. Prepare Paperwork and Funds
4. What to Expect
5. Come!


Our Admissions Manager would love to assist you in this process! Contact us directly at admissions@prbi.edu or call 1-800-959-7724. The Admissions Department is open from 9am-4pm (MST) Monday-Friday. After-hours calls can be arranged if necessary.

Katrina Finke Katrina Finke I Admissions Manager



International Students