See following chart for a breakdown of student fees.
Note: These are the total annual costs for both semesters combined. Payment is divided between the fall and winter semesters for Canadian students.

Please contact us for Married/Mature Student housing availability and pricing.

See below for details on financial assistance and payment of fees.

For more information, contact our Business Office.

Fees 2023-2024

1, 2: We reserve the right to change these fees without prior notice.

3: This is the average cost of textbooks for the Freshmen Core Courses per year.

4: REACH program - $4500 fundraising commitment, which will be raised through a mission agency.

5: Sports team fees start at $300 but will vary according to each sport and its league fees.

6: This fee covers twelve 30-minute lessons over one semester. Cost is $400.00 for part-time students.

7: PRBI distributes over $55,000 in scholarships/bursaries every year. These are not entrance bursaries; you may apply for them during both semesters.

8: Financial aid may be available to students who demonstrate financial need. Email operations@prbi.edu for more information.

9: This is not an exhaustive list of all student expenses and fees.

Special Tuition Rates

You may qualify for reduced tuition (this does not cover room and board costs) if one or more of the following is true:

  • you are a dependent child of a full-time Christian worker engaged in Missions, Pastoral, or Christian Education ministry (5% deduction)
  • you are the spouse of a full-time student presently attending PRBI (50% deduction)
  • you are a full-time Christian worker for a minimum of 1 year (10% deduction for first year only)

Note: Discounts can’t be stacked. Only the best discount applies.