Payment of Fees - Canadian Students

Fees are due the first day of each semester.  It is expected that you will come to registration prepared to pay the full amount for the semester.  You can pay by either cash, cheque, credit card, debit, or via Populi.  If you are relying on a loan, the loan must be pre-approved before you begin classes.  For more information, please call the business office.

The following options may assist you in paying your fees:

  • high school scholarship
  • church gift/bursary
  • your friends and family may loan you the money
  • you may apply for a Canada Student Loan
  • you may obtain a bank loan

Payment of Fees - International Students

The following information is based on the assumption that the International Student has demonstrated that they have the required funds to study in Canada at Peace River Bible Institute (PRBI) through the Visa Application process.

Tuition will be collected by PRBI as per this Phased Collection Schedule for International Students as outlined here:

  • First Collection: 10% of the tuition fees (which excludes the application fees) will be collected 45 days before the program starts in order to ensure a seat in the program for the student.
  • Second Collection: 25% of the tuition fees will be collected upon arrival and registration at the institution.
  • Third Collection: An additional 25% of the tuition fees will be collected once 50% of the program benefit has been delivered.
  • Fourth Collection: the balance of the tuition fees will be collected once the majority (90% or more) of the program benefit has been delivered.

International Students who do not pay their fees as outlined in this policy or do not make a satisfactory arrangement to pay tuition and other charges, will be suspended or dismissed from Peace River Bible Institute.  All relevant parties including Immigration, Refugee & Citizenship Canada will be informed.