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What Students do at PRBI!


Since the goal of our faith is to have our character conformed to Christ, living in a community provides numerous opportunities for discipleship to take place: classroom, dorm life, sports, community life groups, service activities, etc.  It is a journey of growing together as the body of Christ, learning to put "self" to death and care for others.

Students are given the opportunity to participate in a community life group where accountability, encouragement and the love of Christ are demonstrated.  These groups meet weekly and are involved in activities both on and off campus.

Visit our Disciple-making model page for more information.

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PRBI offers men's and women's basketball, volleyball, soccer, and men's hockey, depending on level of interest.  Our sports teams are involved in leagues in the community to witness, grow in their character and develop their skill.

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Practical Work Experience


Each student is given a specific responsibility that contributes towards community living and is an excellent way to understand the importance of each member doing his or her part.  It also helps keep our operating costs down and your education affordable.

Each student is assigned an area of service on campus and is expected to fulfill 5 hours/week.  Areas include custodial, kitchen help, faculty assistance, maintenance, library, and other areas.

2018-2019 Student Leadership Application:

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Field Education


Students are given a variety of opportunities to apply their classroom knowledge in a practical way through service and in the process discover areas of gifting and calling.

Every program requires a certain number of credits in field education.  You will have opportunities to serve in a church, seniors ministry, school, hospital, prison, sports program, or another area of personal interest approved by the Field Education Director.  Your ministry will give you opportunities to grow in the area of evangelism and discipleship.  You are able to choose the Field Education area that best suits your gifts or allows you to experience ministry in a field you have never experienced.  A list of ministries in need are provided to the students during the first week of class to assist this process.

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Fire Fighting


Fire Fighting courses offer you basic training as you serve on Sexsmith Volunteer Fire Department.  Some 1001 Firefighter Program courses, offered locally by Lakeland College Emergency Training Centre, can be transferred in as electives within the BRE Ministry Studies major.  Sexsmith Fire Department Requirment: Physical Demands Test.

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Tour Teams


Each year students have the opportunity to join a tour team.  Whether your team uses music or drama to minister to churches or travels to camps and youth groups, you will have opportunity to minister to the community using your gifts.

PRBI Tour Teams offer students the opportunity to minister throughout the year at churches, high schools, camps, and various other off campus functions.  These teams tour on weekends throughout both semesters and for a two week tour after graduation in April.  You gain field education credit for a tour team.

College Life

Global Ministry Teams


We also send out mission teams each year which any student can apply for, whether you are in your first year or your fourth year. This is another great way to discern not only your gifts but also your passion and areas of interest, while you simultaneously gain a deeper understanding of God's heart for the world. Mission Organizations plan, organize and train teams for cross-cultural trips that generally occur during the month of May.

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Drama & Music Ministry Opportunities


Students interested in music and drama will have opportunities to use and develop their talents for ministry.  Some areas of involvement are chapel, Youth Alert, choirs, and Field Education.

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