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Alternative Student Policy

Homeschool Policy:

PRBI warmly welcomes homeschoolers; one in five PRBI students is from a homeschooling background!  You should be at least 17 years of age by April 30 of the calendar year for which you are enrolling.  Admission to PRBI is granted on the foundation of a High School diploma or its equivalent. 

We are open to homeschooled students who do not have a diploma but who can fulfill our additional homeschool admissions requirements.  Please see below for the requirements that accompany your specific situation:

  1. Government issued transcript students: Completed government issued high school diploma.
  2. GED students: Have taken and passed the GED exams in Social Studies and Reading & Writing. A letter of completion will be required along with an Academic Profile*.
  3. Semi-traditional homeschooling: Your education has primarily been traditional home-based learning, but you may have taken additional courses through a government high-school or post-secondary institution. We require a letter of completion from your homeschool association, an Academic profile*, and two 2-3 page papers from your grade 12 year (the papers are only required if the student has not completed government courses that were reading/writing based). 
  4. Traditional homeschooling: Your education has solely been traditional home-based learning, have received no outside credentials. We require a letter of completion from your homeschool association, an Academic profile*, and two 2-3 page papers from their grade 12 year. 

*Academic profile includes high school course listings (grades 10-12), corresponding grades and the curriculum used.

Mature Student Status Policy:

PRBI welcomes Mature Students to our campus.  They add a wonderful dimension to class and outside class interactions.  As noted in the Admission Policy, admission to any of the degree programs requires a High School Diploma (please submit your most recent transcript from either High School or College. If your educational institute cannot produce transcripts, please inform us of this upon application).  Recognizing that some adults wish to enter college education who have not received a High School Diploma, the College has provision for entrance under the “Mature Student” status.  This provision allows you to enter any one of the degree programs, without a High School Diploma on the following basis:

  • you will be 21 years of age or older by the end of your first semester of full-time study at PRBI; and
  • after completing 30 credit hours of full-time study at PRBI (the first full year), you will have achieved a year-end  academic grade average of 70% (GPA 1.50) or better.  This first year thus serves as a qualifying period to establish your eligibility to apply for mature admission to a degree program.
  • PRBI will grant Mature Students some academic credit for ministry experience gained through a local church or parachurch organization that satisfies the contents and learning requirements of a specific course that PRBI offers in its curriculum.  You must prepare a portfolio demonstrating that you have achieved the objectives of the course for which you are seeking credit.  You may also be asked to write a “challenge exam” in order to demonstrate your mastery of the course’s content.  Our assessment of the ministry of Mature Students in conducted on an individual basis.  We encourage you to direct all inquiries to the College’s Registrar (
  • If your diploma and/or transcript are not available, you may be asked to submit an employer reference.

Transfer Student Policy:

Peace River Bible Institute is prepared to grant credit for courses taken which are comparable to those offered in our programs. Transfer credit will be given only for subjects taken from a post secondary school, in which you have achieved a grade of at least 70%. Transfer credit is only given to courses that are applied towards the completion of a program. Finalization of transfer credit is dependent on satisfactory performance on your first year at PRBI.

If you wish to receive a transfer of credit, please send a letter of request, along with all post secondary school transcripts to the Registrar, who will determine which courses are acceptable for transfer.

Part-Time Student Policy:

PRBI welcomes part-time students to our campus and they may take up to 11 credits/semester. Please contact our Registrar at for more information or go directly to our Part-time Student Application.

International Student Policy:

PRBI welcomes International Students! Find out more here!