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International Student Application

We are thrilled that you are applying to PRBI! We have an incredible school year prepared for you as you embark on this journey with us. We value your decision to apply, and eagerly anticipate getting to know you better!

Returning students must email the Registrar ( for their registration. Please do not fill out this form.

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Emergency Contact - preferably parent(s) or spouse:


List below the names of those you will use as references. These individuals must not be immediate family members, relatives, spouses, or boyfriends/girlfriends.

Once you have completed the application, have your references fill out the online forms or download the reference forms from our website, noting that each reference form corresponds with the specific reference categories (i.e. Pastor, Adult Christian Friend 21+).  

Reference #1 - Pastor/Youth Pastor/Elder or Deacon

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Reference #2 - Adult Christian Friend (Age 21 or older)

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    Note: You may still submit your application without your transcripts and we will acquire them at a later date.

    If uploading a grade report, we will still need a copy of your final transcript showing completion of grade 12.

    Church Information

    A Bit About You

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      This is an excerpt from our Handbook that we believe God calls all believers to hold to:

      Sexual activity is designed by God to be used in the context of marriage between a man and a woman. PRBI is an alcohol, drug, and tobacco/cigarette/cannabis/vape free campus. We therefore encourage students to refrain from indulging in any substance(s) that would cloud your judgement or is used for self-medication. We are to follow God’s Word and obey the governing authorities in Canada so long as they do not conflict and therefore do not associate with any activities that would compromise these standards.

      How would you describe your current relationship with God? (select all that apply)

      What makes you excited about potentially coming to PRBI? (select all that apply)

      How did you hear about PRBI? (select all that apply)

      Financial Information

      Tuition will be collected by PRBI as per the Phased Collection Schedule for International Students.

      If you have questions about payment please email

      How do you plan to finance your studies at PRBI? (select all that apply)

      Please select discounts you may be eligible for (full-time students only):

      Entrance Bursary Opportunity

      If finances are still a concern for you, click here to apply for the Jackie Whitehouse Entrance Bursary. 

      Medical Information

      Please fill out the following Medical Information. SPECIAL NOTE: PRBI reserves the right to request further information from a physician regarding the contents of this medical form if deemed necessary.
      Since we do not have health services on campus, it is important that you have health insurance coverage. If you do not have any type of health insurance, please apply for it before coming to PRBI.

      Other Information

      Dormitory Accommodations: Since we expect all single students to live in the residence, the following information will assist us in choosing a compatible roommate for you. If you have special circumstances that would necessitate living out of residence, you must apply in writing to the respective Dean for a review of your request.

      Note: By attending PRBI, you accept that pictures of you may be periodically posted online or used in printed materials. Should you wish to withdraw this consent once you arrive on campus, please see the Graphic Artist in person for a form.


      Please read the PRBI Handbook before proceeding.

      Our Student Life department will contact you.

      After submitting this form, further application instructions will be shown. Please do not leave the page until instructions appear.

      Click here to read the full PRBI Handbook or find it on our website. Please read this before the first day of classes.