Bachelor of Biblical Studies (BBS)

Program Advisor: Jason Gayoway

Three-Year Degree - 90 Credit Hours

If you can invest three years in your studies, the Bachelor of Biblical Studies will deepen your understanding of the Bible and begin to equip you with practical skills for service which can be used in a variety of ministry contexts. Spending three years on campus will greatly increase opportunities for growth in discipleship as well as give you hands-on leadership opportunities in your pursuit of becoming a disciple-maker. The BBS has proven to be a solid foundation from which students can pursue other educational opportunities such as college, university or seminary.

The Bachelor of Biblical Studies Degree is awarded to those students who successfully complete the three-year program of 90 credit hours.


Program Description

The Bachelor of Biblical Studies Degree is a three year program designed to deepen a student's understanding of the Bible and equip the with practical skills for service in a variety of ministry contexts. In addition the BBS provides an excellent foundation for pursuing other educational opportunities and vocations. This three-year program provides increased opportunities for discipleship and leadership training.

In order to graduate you must fulfill the following Program Requirements:

  • have completed 6 semesters of Practical Work Experience or equivalent;
  • have met all financial obligations to the Institute (outstanding balance of $500.00 or more will not allow a student to participate in graduation exercises);
  • be of approved Christian character;
  • have completed 5 field education credits with 2 of them being designated as church field education credits;
  • have completed at least the final 30 hours of study at PRBI;
  • have completed 90 credit hours with a cumulative average of 70% (1.50 G.P.A.)

Applied Studies (24 credit hours):

General Studies (6 credit hours):

Undesignated Electives (27 credit hours)

* All Degree programs are subject to change without notice.